Jonah’s Lunch

Miriam was getting frantic. It was getting dark and her twelve year old son Jonah and his cousin Mat hadn’t returned home from going to the hills to pick wild herbs for her. At last the boys arrive back, Jonah hot and sweaty as they had been running.

 ‘Mum! Mum! Something amazing happened.’ 

She didn’t listen but said, ‘Go and get washed up for dinner.’

  ‘No Mum. I’m not hungry. We’ve been well fed.’

 “So you liked your little loaves and fishes Jonah?’

‘Yes Mum and my lunch fed everybody. Thousands of people.’ 

‘Don’t tell whoppers.’ 

‘But Mum, there we were on the hill listening to a preacher man telling about a Kingdom where people are kind, and one man said that the people must be hungry and how can they be fed. Well I was up near the front so gave my lunch to the man. The preacher-man prayed and then broke up my fishes and loaves and gave them to his helper to give out.  And everyone was fed. Amazing.’

 ‘Don’t make up such a story. Probably many people had snacks in their pockets so shared them!’

 ‘No, no Mum. The story is real.  It was just my loaves and fishes. And sorry, we forgot to pick the wild herb for you.’

Original Image by Wendy Ratawa, East Geelong UCA
Wendy Ratawa
Wendy Ratawa

Wendy is a member of East Geelong UCA passionate about creative response to Scripture. Wendy is also the East Geelong UCA organist.

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